Etta’s Greekish Eatery

78424932_2513138285597021_5714507940707172352_oIt will be no surprise to some of our friends who already dine at Etta’s Greekish Eatery, that it’s become our favorite breakfast place. We’d heard it was going to change hands, with a new non-Greek owner taking over, and we were a bit concerned they’d change things and ruin a great restaurant. Don’t worry, that’s not the case.

I’d just been talking Windsor Pizza with some buddies, who’ve all noticed how great Italian Pizza places have all but vanished – with other ethnicities taking them over and ruining a good thing. Etta’s seems to be an exception so far, they’re still serving the same great food and they’ve kept the same staff. They can make all the difference, as we learned from the Country Diner on Manning after the old cook retired.

57183753_2343373412573510_5905546694463848448_oWe’ve yet to try anything but breakfast at Etta’s yet, although I’ve brought home a pile of gyro meat to make our own dinner. My meat lover casserole (similar to a skillet) was piled high with real melted cheese over bacon and home made sausage, eggs and home fries. Cathryn’s favorite has always been the gyro omelette but today she fell in love with the spinach pie eggs benedict. What an ingenious and tasty dish!

The service is always courteous and quick and the prices are more than reasonable for the food portions. We’ve given Etta’s a 10 out of 10 on every visit.  The picture below is the peameal eggs benny.


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