Charleston, South Carolina



Leaving Myrtle Beach and arriving in Charleston, was like graduating to college directly from grade school. Even though the city wasn’t on the way home, we just had to make the detour and experience this gem of the south. Luckily, the city managed to remain mostly unscathed during the U.S. civil war. The architectural beauty of the 18th and 19th century buildings will punch any history buff right in the solar plexus.

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Myrtle Beach



We weren’t planning a winter getaway this year, mostly for financial reasons – one being that we’ll be doing a three to four week bike trip to the west coast this summer, but I saw a post on Facebook about Myrtle Beach accepting Canadian money at par for food and lodging.

The next thing I knew we had five nights booked at the Admiral Motor Inn, in downtown Myrtle Beach for the March Break. They offered a thirty percent discount through that almost evened out the exchange rate. We scored an ocean front, ocean view efficiency room for sixty-two bucks a night (Canadian).

I hadn’t been to Myrtle Beach in over thirty years, but was impressed to see that they built a beautiful oceanfront boardwalk that runs almost a mile and a half. For folks like us who want to park the car and walk most places, it was perfect. It was ideal for strolling or getting to and from about two dozen bars, restaurants, arcades, beachwear shops and more.

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London Has Fallen



We chose this movie to avoid the Batman/Superman crowds. It is the sequel to “Olympus Has Fallen” where Secret Service Agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) wastes about a hundred bad guys to rescue the President’s son and then the big Kahuna himself.

In “London Has Fallen” Banning returns as the President’s (Aaron Ekhart) personal body guard who travels with him to London, England.

The plot revolves around the U.S. dropping a smart bomb on a known Terrorist’s family villa during his daughter’s wedding. We find out later that even though the bomb wiped out a whole block, the bad guy and his two sons survived. His daughter was killed, thus sparking his revenge on the world.

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Dining Divas – “Divino Trattoria”



By: Cathryn Gagnon

“Dining Divas” – A group of women, sometimes up to 10,  that consists of friends and family, who meet once a month to sample local restaurants.

This month the Divas visited a popular restaurant in the Town of Essex named “Divino Trattoria” at 58 Talbot Street.  When we arrived the place was packed; one party of 18 was socializing, almost taking over the restaurant.  

Our group of Divas was situated cozily at the back.  Looking around I found the décor pleasant; the walls are painted with lovely murals of Italy.  

Once the party of 18 received their first course the noise level subsided. The Manager was very attentive – making sure we were comfortable. Our server was fresh from Italy just learning English. He was very sweet, but maybe a bit intimidated by the 9 women in our party.

We started with crispy Italian baguette, served with herbed butter. That was accompanied by roasted a red pepper aioli and olive-balsamic dip.  

Our selections included minestrone soup, caesar salad, flaky tilapia and dover sole –  sautéed in lemon with capers and olives. The veal osso bucco was succulent, rich, tender and wonderful. The veal saltimbocca was equally delicious.  

One Diva had the tortellini; she said it melted in her mouth. Some of us finished up with coffee and Tiramisu. Once the restaurant cleared, the owner graced us with his presence and  offered us Limoncello and Sambuca – on the house. Overall, our experience was delightful and tasty. The Dining Diva’s highly recommend Divino Trattoria and rate it 8 out of 10.