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Xmas @ Volmer

There are various ways that Edmond Gagnon interacts with readers and other authors. He belongs to writing groups and reads books from both famous and fellow local authors. 

Throughout the year, Edmond does book signings at local bookstores and libraries, and he attends book fairs or craft shows to meet potential new readers, catch up with loyal fans, or to release new titles and sell all his different books. 

Edmond Gagnon’s Shows and Book Signings for 2020: 


Annual Summer Craft & Gift Show

Sunday, June 7th

Fogolar Furlan Club, Windsor



Where You Can Purchase Books by Author Edmond Gagnon

Ed’s Books are currently on sale at Juniper Books and PB Books in Windsor. Libraries in Windsor and Essex County also carry most books – check with your local branch and ask them to reserve you a copy.

Direct Link to Amazon’s Edmond Gagnon Author Page

For more information email Ed @ edmondgagnon@gmail.com or on our contact page.