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     The streets we walk upon lead to many different places.
A strip club off the highway during a blizzard. A cold case, thirty years unsolved. A photographer, in over his head.
Three tales of bad decisions, poor choices and the lure of easy money. Authors Christian Laforet, Edmond Gagnon and Ben Van Dongen shine a spotlight on the seedy underworld hiding around the corner…in the shadows.
It’s easy to become lost on All These Crooked Streets.

A Crime Fiction Anthology by Adventure Worlds Press.


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Biography:  Edmond Gagnon was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. One month before his nineteenth birthday he was hired by the Windsor Police Force. He spent his first fifteen years working the streets of Windsor in uniform. For the next sixteen years Ed worked mostly in plain clothes – as a sergeant and detective, in narcotics, morality, property crimes, fraud, and arson.

After retiring Ed traveled the world and visited exotic places like Cambodia, Viet Nam, Thailand, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and Belize. He rode his Harley Davidson up to Alaska, from one side of Canada to the other, and he’s explored many of the back roads in the United States. Ed’s chronicled adventures gave birth to his first book, “A Casual Traveler.” It’s a fun collection of short travel stories. 1907586_10153119502500539_1633860949163712274_n

Having caught the writing bug, and upon reflecting on his thirty-one year policing career, Ed created the Norm Strom Crime Fiction Series. In his first novel, “Rat,” he tells the stories of the many different informants he worked with over the years.

“Rat” was well received so Ed continued his series with “Bloody Friday“, “Torch” and “Finding Hope”   His latest book is a Crime Fiction Anthology by Adventure Worlds Press. Authors Christian Laforet, Ben Vandongen and Edmond Gagnon each tell a crime story in “All These Crooked Streets.                                   

Finding Hope:High Res

The Highway of Tears is real. Since 1969, there have been over 1,200 women reported missing in north-western Canada. 23 of those women disappeared along the stretch of  Trans Canada Highway #16, that runs from Prince George to Prince Rupert, in British Columbia.

Finding Hope is the story of one woman, who goes missing after leaving Jasper, on her way home to see her daughter in Stewart, B.C. She is well aware of the notorious Highway of Tears, and the serial killers that use the road as their hunting ground.

Retired Police Detective Norm Strom rides his motorcycle from Calgary to Hyder, Alaska, and meets Hope Lachance in Jasper, before she is reported missing. For his own personal reasons, Strom reaches out to the RCMP, offering his help in finding Hope.

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Torch: Arson Detective Norm Strom is always one step behind a serial arsonist who is responsible for burning several buildings in the city. He tracks down known arsonist Johnny Eagle and turns him into his informant, hoping to use one torch to catch another.

Eagle tells all, revealing the pleasure and satisfaction that he gets from setting and watching a raging inferno. Detective Strom relies on Eagle and his other informants to help him discover the true identity of the serial arsonist.

To keep the cops off his back, Johnny Eagle rats on his own friends. Is he playing with fire on both sides of the fence? Detective Strom and Johnny Eagle both tell the story, putting the reader in the middle of a dangerous game of cat and rat.


Bloody Friday: Best Friends Patrick Kelly and Jimmy Flynn from Belfast, share a common dream of a better life beyond the borders of their small island. In his quest to see the world, Patrick Kelly joins the military. He’s sent to Viet Nam to fight the spread of communism. Jimmy Flynn is mad at the world and he joins the IRA. He fights a war against his own countrymen, in the name of religion. 

Norm Strom joins one of the largest street gangs in the world, becoming a city cop. He learns the true value of police informants in his fight against crime. 

The story begins on Bloody Friday, in Belfast, Ireland, and follows the characters to places like the jungle in Cambodia, and cities like Boston, Detroit, Toronto, and Windsor. Their personal lives and relationships unfold and intersect with each other, both in love and war. Women, drugs, and guns are the common denominator that eventually draws them all together for a fatal reunion. In their individual endeavors to either fight crime, or profit from it, one of them will have to pay the ultimate price.

Gagnon_254_Layout 1RatPeople who risked it all as police informants. The reader is captured and held hostage in the netherworld they live in. 

Arresting insight into the importance of police informants, the reasons they tell tale, and how it affected their lives. 

Grabs and submerses the reader into the sordid lives of murderers, drug dealers, prostitutes, and the police who pursue them. 

Considered by criminals to be the lowest form of scum on the planet. Ironically, some hard core criminals are rats.

Can be a friend, family, anonymous caller, or someone who wants to trade information for a get out of jail free card. One cop uses his arsenal of informants as secret weapons in his fight against crime. 

Layout 1A Casual Traveler:  **NEW 2nd Edition** Re-edited, now with 42 short stories.

A collection of short stories and poems that chronicle Ed’s adventures and misadventures around the world. 

Let him take you to exotic countries in Southeast Asia and Central of South America, to explore great cities like Buenos Aires or Seattle, and ancient sites like Angkor Wat or Machu Picchu.

He’ll introduce you to interesting people from around the globe, and share my culinary experiences with strange and gourmet food.

Sail with him on a wooden Junk boat in Ha Long Bay. Take an exhilarating motorcycle ride across the country or to the top of Pike’s Peak in the Rocky Mountains.

Get off the beaten path, he dares you. Follow him to places that you have only dreamed of. Take a trip with A Casual Traveler.  

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