The Detroit Shipping Company

downloadIt seems Cathryn and I don’t get out for dinner as much these days, mostly because we like to cook, and that we expect good food and service for the price we pay. We’ve also been slacking in visits across the border to Detroit, where exciting things have been happening in the restaurant and entertainment scene.

Take the Detroit Shipping Company for example. Some enterprising entrepreneurs took a vacant lot near the Cass Corridor, stacked metal shipping containers in the shape of a square, and added a handful of specialty restaurants to a revitalized neighborhood. The is plenty of room for inside and outside drinking and dining and hanging out.

80720098_1463368533820450_7177640626568036352_nFrom inside the beer garden style courtyard the restaurants resemble a group of food trucks parked end to end in the shape of a square. Each place is unique, serving specialty burgers, dumplings, spring rolls, tacos, jerk chicken or beef, and tapas. There are also three bars that serve a good selection of draft and craft beers.

We were there for a private party and only sample a portion of the food – the pork dumplings, chicken and beef were awesome. Judging by the stacked plates and smiling faces in the courtyard crowd, everyone else enjoyed the food. The clientele was mixed, with co-workers and groups of friends playing giant Jenga and other games.

79676242_488592215108276_5649578540681658368_nEven though the place was busy, the staff was courteous and the service was great. Prices were very reasonable, with some tapas or appies dirt cheap. Cathryn and I rate Detroit Shipping Company a 10 out of 10.

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