Consider the Conch


This is an excerpt from Ed’s Book, A Casual Traveler 


Conch shells lay in water, along  beaches everywhere

Line gardens, paths, and porch stair.


Filler for docks, footings and wells

Polished and shined, to sell.

Blown as a horn

Carved into jewelry to adorn.

Home for hermit crabs

Meat is edible, not too drab.


Put on fences, deterring thieves and critters

Used in ceviche, chowder and fritters.

Bang like a drum, for music that rhymes

Strung together, to make wind chimes.


Sacred in ancient cultures

As breastplates, preventing punctures.

Worn on hands, weapons to thump

More uses than shrimp, with Bubba Gump.

A conch and cheese omelet to munch

It what I crave for lunch.

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