Fire in the Sky


I am fifty-seven years old and I still get goosebumps during the grande finale of the Detroit/Windsor International Fireworks. Cathryn and I were both impressed by this years’ display, and think it was the best ever.

450 different types of fireworks – 1,100 shells blowing up in 24 minutes should impress anyone. It’s one of the largest fireworks displays in the world, and it’s delivered to our riverfront annually, Ford being the latest sponsor.


The Detroit skyscrapers looked like they were exploding at some points in the show. The weather was perfect for the hundred thousand or so spectators that lined both sides of the river. We were lucky enough to have ringside seats in the Windsor Parade Tent, where Cathryn was helping out with Carmen’s Catering. The river breeze and unobstructed view made all the difference.                                          (Windsor Star photo below)windsor-on-june-27-2016-the-annual-ford-fireworks-ar2

With events like this, and all the different festivals going on in Windsor throughout the summer, no one has the right to complain that there is nothing to do in this city.



One thought on “Fire in the Sky

  1. Michael

    Hey E & C, Happy travels to western Canada/U.S….I’ll tap into your website for updates/articles…also look forward to the personalized ones…M


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