Lord Amherst-burger


By Cathryn Gagnon:

The historic town of  Amherstburg is the home to a cozy little pub called, Lord Amherst Public House and Wine Bar. It’s located at 273 Dalhousie Street, and named after  Lord Jeffrey Amherst, who served as the first Governor General of British North America.  This quaint meeting place comes complete with creaky wood floors and traditional English pub fare. Separate from the pub, there is a wine bar upstairs. It has a rustic European décor and features imported and local wines.

Our server was sweet, welcoming, and attentive.  We started off with a Grimbergen, dark lager, craft beer. It had caramelized undertones with a crisp coffee finish.  Since it was my birthday lunch, and my mother was buying, I thought I would splurge. We ordered soup and sandwiches.



  • CHEDDAR & STOUT SOUP – soft root vegetables in a rich cheddar base infused with beer.
  • FOUR CHEESE CREAM SOUP – creamy, cheesy base with a velvety texture.


  • REUBEN – a triple-decker, on toasted rye bread, corned beef done in house, piled high with sauerkraut and topped with Swiss cheese and your choice of Dijon mustard or Thousand Island Dressing.9ec8c360-9116-45af-8206-441ec823a0e6
  • LORD AMHERSTBURGER – 6 ounces of hand-packed, seasoned ground beef, topped with Guinness bbq, caramelized onions, bacon & cheddar.  All on a bed of mixed greens & tomato.

The Reuben was stacked high. Jan (mom) thought it was juicy and flavorful.  The burger was a bit overcooked, but they quickly replaced it with a juicy, delicious burger.09d5fd9f-d437-48cc-982f-1a46f2b9e7ec

To finish off my celebration, Jan twisted my arm and ordered a piece of chocolate cake, drizzled with various topped with chocolate and berry drizzles and whipped cream. I had to fight her off, so I could enjoy my creamy and decadent piece of heaven.

The Lord Amherst Public House is nestled along Dalhousie street, across from Navy Yard Park. Jan and I took a stroll through the waterfront park, admiring the rhododendrons and azaleas that were in full bloom. It was a perfect birthday lunch date, until we were attacked by a garden sprinkler, while taking a photograph.img_12611

I rate Lord Amherst a 7 out of 10.


One thought on “Lord Amherst-burger

  1. Michael

    Hi E&C…just checking up on your blog site…it’s been awhile and starting to look good with various bits of writing…M (Cambo)


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