ChavaKiah Massage Cafe

chavaI literally stumbled across this hidden gem while exploring the back streets running parallel to the blurred Melaque/Villa Obregon border. I saw the words Chavakiah and Desayuno scribbled on a chalkboard near Esmerelda’s and ambled over the cobblestone to see what I could see, and maybe eat.

And there it was, an oasis among the non-descript faded pastel bungalows, a few umbrellaed tables and another chalkboard to signal I had the right place. I sat outside the first time but had to take shelter inside today because of the unusual rainstorm (it never rains while we’re here in the winter).

omeletIt was a good sign when I saw people eating at the tables, because there was a door that said massage and I wasn’t quite sure if a rub-down was included with my breakfast. Sound stupid, I know, but I’ve seen stranger things in places like Thailand.

Anyway, the Chavakiah Massage Cafedidn’t list any type of massage on the menu. Apparently Chavakiah is the God of Joy. And I’ve enjoyed my meals on both visits. Cathryn and I both chose the Popeye omelette (spinach, mushrooms, onions) that came with a bread basket, home fries and beans. I added a side of bacon.

Our omelettes were the rolled kind, just like a breakfast burrito, plump and juicy. My bacon was tasty but not hot enough and the bread was a bit chewy. My OJ was fresh-squeezed and Cathryn said her coffee was one of the best in town. The restaurant was only half full and the service was fast and friendly.  They also serve lunch and are open till 2pm.

fruitThe interior of the restaurant is unique, like it was some kind of factory in another life, a wide open place with wall partitions for privacy and decor. There’s an eclectic mix of tables, chairs, surfboard racks and things for purchase like vanilla and chocolate. With our two meals, two drinks and my side of bacon, our bill came to a whopping $160 pesos.

If you’re looking for an off the beaten path, cozy little cafe, Chavakiah is your place. It’s at #3 Pedro Moreno, in Melaque, just around the corner from Esmerelda’s. Cathryn and I both give it an 8 out of 10.

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