Muy Bien Melaque


We’ve been in Melaque, Mexico just over a month now, our second visit to this undiscovered gem on the Pacific coast. The towns of Villa Obregon and San Patricio help to form what is known as Melaque, a little known destination for many Canadian snowbirds. Although tiny in comparison to places like Puerto Vallarta, Melaque has a great selection of bars and restaurants to quench our thirst and satisfy our hunger. Although we’ve tried many different establishments in the last month, I am only mentioning three of our favorites in this blog post.

Simona’s Restaruant & Bar is not in Melaque, but only a five minute cab ride away, in Bara de Navidad. It’s location on the beach offers amazing sunsets and a gentle ocean breeze. Cathryn and I have been there twice so far, sampling the tuna carpacio, calamari, asparagus stuffed durado, osso buco, and rib eye steak. Portions were good and prices were reasonable for what we consider our best meals so far. If I had to complain about anything it would be the inexperienced wait staff who broke the corks on two bottles of wine. No harm, no foul.


Second on today’s list is Pata’s Restaurant & Bar. It might be one of the smallest places in Melaque, but it’s one of the biggest in taste. So far our favorites have been the Denver Burrito and the burger that came with bacon, cheese, sauteed mushrooms and onions. Usually Cathryn only eats half and I get the rest, but she enjoyed the burger so much she refused to share. Even the fries were crispy and tasty. pata-s-restaurant-and

I had been sampling burritos at various restaurants around town, but now I have to look no further. The Denver burrito is big, and loaded with ground beef, cheese (no rice), and served with lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream on the side. It was just what the doctor ordered. Finally, I got my burrito fix.

Last, but certainly not least, for today’s post is the Bistro Escondido. We just happen to be staying above the restaurant so not only do we get to sample their various dishes, we get to smell everything else that leaves the kitchen. Besides Cathryn and I, folks come from all corners of the earth for their coconut shrimp and blue cheese burgers.

Besides the dishes above, we’ve sampled the chorizo and potato wraps, the fish and chips – another crowd pleaser, cilantro chicken, and the homemade melt-in-your mouth onion rings. Our favorite cocktail to wash all that down has been Brien’s pina coladas. They change up the menu weekly, but if you ask really nice you might be able to get the coconut shrimp when it’s not on the menu.


One thought on “Muy Bien Melaque

  1. Michael

    Hi Ed & C… If anything interests me more than a travel yarn, it is a travel yarn with food involved – all sounds great – although personal experience has never led me to a great burger in the tropics, Everything else makes me want to be there…happy days in Melaqué … M


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