Bohemian Rhapsody – The Movie

rapsodyIf you’re a fan of Freddie Mercury, Queen, or any of their music, stop reading now and either click on the trailer link or go see the movie. The soundtrack will have you rocking in your seat, no matter where you see it.

The only name in the cast I recognized was Mike Meyers, but Cathryn had to point him out in the movie. Rami Malek has all the moves and mannerisms of the flamboyant Freddie. The story is as much about his life as it is the band’s. It begins with them taking the stage at the Live Aid concert, then flashes back to their beginning.

It is a rock and roller coaster of a ride, learning and witnessing their songs being created and how the band became famous. Much of Freddie’s darker side is exposed, but his true creative genius and talent shows through right up until his concert performance at the end of the movie.

The last scene was not the only one that gave both Cathryn and I goosebumps. We had the whole theater to ourselves so we could stomp our feet or wave in the air to our hearts content. This movie was a 10 out of 10 half way through.

Here’s the link to the trailer.

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