A Star is Born

241805R1I remember seeing the second remake of A Star is born with Kristofferson and Streisand, but barely remember the story. Besides acting in, and directing this latest installment of the tragic love story, Bradley Cooper wrote the screenplay. Although he personalized the movie by changing things like the music, he paid homage to the earlier versions by re-using character traits and certain things in the plot.

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One Chance – the Paul Potts Movie


If you’re looking for one of those warm and fuzzy feel good movies, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with One Chance, the real life story of Paul Potts, who won the Britain’s Got Talent contest by singing opera.

¬†Like many others, I’d seen the clip where he blows away the audience and Simon Cowell on the talent show, but I had know idea of this man’s trials and tribulations in life, to get there. This is a Rocky story for singers, showing us how even the underdog can achieve his dreams if you take a chance.

Cathryn and I watched this movie on our lap top, through Netflix, so I have to believe it is out on video. The movie was produced by Simon Cowell.

If this movie doesn’t bring a tear to your eye it will at least give you a few goose bumps. We both give it 10 out of 10.

Alice in Windsorland


A whole evening of 1970’s flashbacks. From the music and black concert tee shirts, to the hard-drinking, pot-smoking, longed haired rock and rollers. Sixty-eight year old Alice Cooper took the stage at Caesars Windsor and showed us all that he could still rock the house.

The backdrop on the stage depicted Cooper’s face with his signature black makeup. His eye sockets each contained a black widow spider. The voice of Vincent Price introduced his first song, a cut from Welcome to my Nightmare.

Starting out in a black hooded cape, Cooper stripped off a piece of clothing for each of the next two songs. I think he changed outfits almost as much as Cher, but he always sported some kind of black leather or bloodied clothes.

The stage show was highlighted by cool pyrotechnics and Cooper’s trademark props like dolls, snakes, a guillotine, and even a visit from Frankenstein.

The Rock Shocker paid tribute to who he called, his “dead drunken friends,” Keith Moon, David Bowie, and another guy I’ve never heard of, by playing songs like Pinball Wizard and Suffragette City.

Of course he played all the crowd favorites like Eighteen, Billion Dollar Babies, and Under My Wheels. For School’s Out he included a bit of Pink Floyd, another band who he was inspired by when he started out.

My ears are still ringing.