The Equalizer 2

equalizerWho doesn’t like Denzel Washington? I can think of one or two of his movies I didn’t like, but can’t think of one that I didn’t like him in. Many of us complain about sequels, like I just did with Jurassic World, but it’s hard not to cheer for vigilantes like Denzel’s Equalizer character.

As The Equalizer he has no problem taking on the roll of action hero. Cathryn doesn’t usually go for the shoot-em-up flicks, but she wanted to see this one and was glad she did. It was no surprise to me that they made a sequel to the first movie since they teased us with the option at the end.

The story in The Equalizer 2 was more involved, with some back story that shed more light on Denzel’s character development. Robert McCall had a past life as a spy, but had to fake his own death to get out of the life. Like all former spies he still has contacts in the agency. Adding characters from his past advances the plot and presents openings for a few twists that aren’t surprising, but that you might not see coming.

The movie is a good action thriller. Director Antoine Fuqua delivers as usual, but I found it refreshing that he didn’t go overboard on the gore when it came to killing. I didn’t see Cathryn close her eyes at all during the movie. I’d call it a feel good action movie, if there can be such a thing. We both gave it an 8 out of 10.

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