3,200 Miles to Granville


So far, Ruby has carried us (Ed, Cathryn and Axle) over 3,200 miles…that’s about 5,000 Kanadian miles, from Windsor, Ontario, to Surrey, British Columbia. She’s resting in the garage as I write this, but has an appointment at the hawg  dealership tomorrow, for a new front tire, oil change, and minor damage repair from a hitting a bad pot hole somewhere out there. Yes, Tim, the Harley made it all the way across  the country…just follow my oil slick.

Although it’s been nice to get off the bike for a few days, we’ll be back on her soon enough, heading to Seattle next, to visit an old friend. We’ve had a mixed bag of weather, but none of it bad enough to stop us. A couple of close lightening strikes did give me pause.


Although we found some great riding in South Dakota, the best route so far has been along B.C. Highway 3 West, which is mostly a two lane highway, through the entire width of the Rocky Mountains. For you other bikers to understand, imagine the Dragon’s Tail times 25, on steroids.

IMG_3375Add small towns, giant logging trucks, dozens of deer, and even a lynx;  the mountain roads are loaded with scenery and driving challenges.

We short-changed ourselves in Kewlona and didn’t have time to see more than the Mission Hill winery, so we spent today touring some wineries and a cidery, in Langley, just outside of Surrey, and about 10 k’s from the U.S. border.

Granville Island was a highlight in Vancouver. It’s amazing how they re-vitalized a rotting old industrial area. The Brewery was a perfect lunch stop.




2 thoughts on “3,200 Miles to Granville

  1. glady

    Can’t wait to see all your pictures from your marvelous adventure!! That will be the first week of September when we are sipping cocktails on Manitoulin Island 🙂


  2. We are enjoying the Blog very much guys. Slightly jealous but still a couple of years before we can get the old girl retired, upgrade the 883 to something larger and more suitable to long distance touring and start on some adventures of our own. Keep the entertainment coming.


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