First Man

first manThere have been many movies made about space exploration, but First Man is unique in that it lets you see and experience the thrills and spills of travelling to outer space through the eyes of those who have done it. None of us mere mortals can even imagine how it feels to do the crazy and courageous stunts that the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo astronauts have done for mankind.

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Nice Guys did Finish Last

Russel Crowe apparently called Ryan Gosling to be his buddy and to make a movie together. I hope their friendship goes further than The Nice Guys will. We both agree on this one – you should wait for the video to come out, if you really want to see it. The 70’s theme, music and muscle cars were imagesall cool, but the dry humor had me parched and looking for water.

It could have been a descent detective drama, like so many of the old P.I. shows we grew up on, but letting one of their teenage daughters run rampant through most of the movie pretty well killed any resemblance of a good dick flick. And speaking of that, the plot revolves around a porn video. Hearing teenagers talk about rim jobs and showing their dick’s was a bit much.

The only nice surprise in the movie was seeing that Kim Basinger is still alive and kicking. We both give this a 6.