Lynn McLaughlin – Survivor

Not too long ago the sister of a friend told me she was writing a book and looking for advice on how to publish it. A short time later, in what seems like the flip of a page, Lynn McLaughlin now has her own podcast channel and two books in print.

In her life before becoming a published author and podcast host, Lynn held a few simple titles like Superintendent of Education, School Principal, Executive Officer of H.M.C.S., and Rotarian. A personal crisis changed her life forever and became her muse.

Lynn McLaughlin has two books in print, Steering Through It and Jackson, but I have no doubt there will be more to follow. In the first title, this author shares her personal experiences to help guide others who might find themselves in similar situations. The second takes a close look at mental illness.

Her weekly podcast, Taking the Helm, features other inspirational women authors and speakers. If you want to meet Lynn McLaughlin and purchase one of her books, come visit her at the Essex County Authors Book Show at The City Market, Saturday, December 12th, between 10am and 3pm.

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