Peppered Justice

pepperPeppered Justice (Cambodia Trilogy Book 2) 
by Mark Bibby JacksonJoe Slater (Illustrator)Kate Burbidge (Editor)Jonny Edbroke (Photographer)


Edmond Gagnon‘s review

Nov 24, 2017  


I took too long to read this book, and forgot a few details along the way so maybe I would have enjoyed it more in other circumstances. It is a good book and the setting is familiar to me, having visited that part of Cambodia.
What I did take from the plot is that politics and policing travel hand in hand, no matter what country you’re in. I liked that the protagonist was no hero, but and honest cop who believed in getting the job done.
The story itself is a descent who-done-it, with enough clues and misdirection to keep you guessing until the end.

One thought on “Peppered Justice

  1. Michael

    I met the author of this book a few years ago – long before this writing. A journalist – and like many/most journalists, wanting to create & write – and not simply report.
    I haven’t read the first part of his trilogy, and to my knowledge, the third hasn’t been published yet.
    Some of his characters may be a bit perplexing to people from a western culture…but in Asia, the clock sometimes runs on a different battery. The characters in this book are quite believable in a Cambodian setting.
    p.s. Thanks for reading and reviewing it Ed.


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