The Beatles – Love – Cirque du Soleil

loveI’d seen the Beatles Cirque du Soleil show called Love many years ago and knew that Cathryn would love to see it while we were in Vegas on our detour from Route 66. We’re both Cirque fans and everyone knows the Beatles music, so you can easily sing along. We got married in Vegas six years ago and were too busy to catch a show. This time we had no excuse.

The show is still at the Mirage and it promised to be bigger, better, and bolder, having been redone since my last viewing. I wasn’t convinced when we first sat down, the seats were smaller than I remembered and there had been speakers built into the headrest for surround sound. None of that mattered once the show started.

Typical Cirque characters got the production started, then came the music, color, acrobatics and the awesome music of the Beatles. There was confetti that fell from the rafters, bubbles from that lingered in the air, and a giant sheet of silk that covered the whole stage and stretched out into the audience.

Of course there were a couple VW Beetle Bugs and a van. The acts performed were top notch and blended with the theme of the music. The costume and set colors jumped right into your lap. The stage itself was a giant machine, with sections that opened up and parts that moved actors up and down and in and out of sight.

Love wasn’t as heavily weighted with acrobatics or circus-style acts as other shows, it had just the right amount of song and dance and action to keep your eyes wandering around the stage to see what was going on in all corners. It definitely lived up to its promise of being bigger, bolder and better. We both loved the show and easily rated it a 10 out of 10.

Calculating The Accountant


Ben Affleck really can play a bad guy. Or is he a good guy in The Accountant? It all depends on your moral values. The movie starts out a bit slow, but the writer is showing us the back story, and how it will come into play throughout the movie.

If you really pay attention in those early scenes you might pick up on clues to a couple of neat twists that come to light at the end of the movie. The movie keeps you guessing about a lot of things – how can a special needs child evolve into a clever accountant for one.

Action is added to the intrigue and drama, and Affleck fills his roll superbly. His character is complicated to say the least. Can a hit man really be a good person? Watch the movie and decide for yourself.

Cathryn and I both loved the movie and rate it 10 out of 10.

War Dogs is all Bark, no Bite


War Dogs is about two high school buddies who re-unite to form a company in search of that all American dream, becoming rich. In this case, David Pakouz (Miles Teller) is just looking to bring home enough bacon to pay the bills, and keep his pretty little wife happy.

Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill) tells Pakouz he’s already in the gun-running business, and with the right government contracts they can get rich. They do just that, but the story, that’s supposed to be based on a real one (aren’t they all nowadays?) gets as carried away as Diveroli does with living the high life.

Bradley Cooper has a minor roll in the movie, probably because he produced it.

The movie is serious, but tries to be funny. Hill’s character could have been funnier, but we tired of it quickly. War dogs is kind of a rags to riches to rags movie, but a couple of twists at the end actually give the plot the nudge it needed to bring on a happy ending…more or less.

We saw one couple walk out about half way through the movie. Cathryn and I stuck it out and agreed on a 6 out of 10.

Captain America: Civil War


“Captain Crunch and his cereal box heroes,” would be a more appropriate name for this MMA match-up. Okay, I admit I’ve never read a single comic book, but I’ve grown up on Batman and Superman and even heroes like Mighty Mouse. Why can’t he get in on the action? Even Ant-man got in on this one.

I’m sorry to say, but I was a bit lost in this action flick, mostly because I didn’t know who all the enhanced humans were. I felt like this movie was part three of a trilogy, and I’d missed the second part.

The fights and action were good, but I always thought iron was tougher than flesh and muscle. These guys drop trucks and buildings on each other and only end up with a few bruises. The theme and plot were interesting. It reminded me of what is going on in the real world, where the police are being handcuffed for doing their jobs, because of collateral damage they might cause in the execution of their duties.

The parallel is uncanny. Let criminals or super-criminals run a muck, then wait and see what kind of a world we’ll be living in.

In my opinion Ant-man was a cool addition to the super ensemble, but Spider-man (Tom Holland)  stole the show with his fresh and young perspective.

I saw this flick with a long-time buddy. Although he didn’t give me a number, he said he thought the movie was more suited to his pre-teen grandchildren. I give it 7 out of 10.