Suspect – Robert Crais

Suspect (Scott James & Maggie, #1) 
by Robert Crais


Edmond Gagnon‘s review

Jan 31, 2018  


4.5 Stars
Who wants to read an engaging thriller where the protagonist isn’t a super hero with special powers? I do – it’s the kind of novel I write. On second thought, his K-9 partner does have certain powers that help the story along. This book, and its author, Robert Crais, were a pleasant surprise.The “hook” grabs you right by the heart-strings and has you rooting for the good guys immediately. The story is about an ex-military dog and a LAPD cop who were both injured on the job, suffer from PTSD, and are partnered together. This is a real life drama at its best.

If you’re an animal lover you’re going to love this book. Without spoiling the plot there are times when you’ll be cringing before turning the page or finding yourself getting watery eyes…or maybe it was just because I was tired after reading this book non-stop.

Cruel Intent – J.A. Jance

3093753Cruel Intent (Ali Reynolds, #4)
by J.A. Jance (Goodreads Author)


Edmond Gagnon‘s review

Jan 25, 2017  · 

Ninety pages. That’s all I could handle of this drivel.
That’s twice as far as I should’ve read, but I really thought it would get better. I got into the plot immediately, but then the author introduced an onslaught of meaningless characters, offering up countless pages of useless back story on each one.
I’ve complained about excessive fluff from a couple female writers lately, but this book goes above and way beyond that.
As curious as I was to follow the plot, it was way to painful to consider going any further. For a New York Times bestseller, I am flabbergasted. Personally, right now, I’m getting more enjoyment at watching a light breeze blow through the palm trees off my balcony.

The Bone Bed – Patricia Cornwell

13708346The Bone Bed (Kay Scarpetta, #20)
by Patricia Cornwell


Edmond Gagnon‘s review

Read from April 28 to May 11, 2014


Not my cup of tea.
For a best selling author I expected much more.
Ninety-five percent of the book was dialog, and half of the time I was confused as to who was saying what.
The story evolved at a good pace with great character development, but then it ended very abruptly.
It bothers my how many top authors today divide  chapters wherever they see fit…sometimes in the middle of a conversation, resulting in up to a hundred chapters with no rhyme or reason. Just saying.