A Casual Traveler – 2nd Edition

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SECOND EDITION – Re-edited, with More Stories

A Casual Traveler is a collection of short stories and poems that chronicle my adventures and misadventures around the world.

Let me take you to exotic countries in Southeast Asia, and Central or South America, to explore great cities like Buenos Aires or Seattle, and ancient sites like Angkor Wat or Machu Picchu.

I’ll introduce you to interesting people from around the globe, and share my culinary experiences with strange and gourmet food.

Sail with me on a wooden Junk boat in Ha Long Bay. Take an exhilarating motorcycle ride across the country or to the top of Pike’s Peak in the Rocky Mountains.

Get off the beaten path, I dare you. Follow me to places that you have only dreamed of. Take a trip with A Casual Traveler.

The Lost Empire – Machu Picchu

Peru 270

This story is an excerpt from Ed’s book, ” A Casual Traveler

Why is it that all tours and excursions have to start so early in the morning? I boarded the bus for Machu Picchu at 7 a.m. sharp. It was quite foggy and I could barely see the mountains that surrounded the town of Agua Calientes, where I’d spent the night. It’s about a twenty minute ride from there to the Old Mountain (Machu Picchu).

The bus ride starts on the edge of town along the fast and swollen river, its water the color of chocolate milk.   The rocky road got steep quickly and narrowed to the point where I could only see thick vegetation on either side of the bus. Most of it grew right out of the rocky terrain. Continue reading “The Lost Empire – Machu Picchu”