Michael Christie (Goodreads Author)

Edmond Gagnon‘s review

Apr 27, 2023  

This book has received great reviews from other readers, and it’s probably worthy of 4 or 5 stars, but I just couldn’t do it. Granted, I only read the first 115 pages so maybe I’m being unfair.
Regardless, this book moves slower than watching a tree grow. Starting in the future, the story covers several decades, revealing more as time reverses itself. Kind of a cool concept I thought, but it only led to confusion as I tried to wrap my head around new characters introduced and the piles of back story for each and every one of them.
In my opinion the book could have been easily reduced by 100 pages, but that’s just me.
Please read other reviews posted for this yawner since it has appealed to many other readers.

The Millionaire Murders by Edmond Gagnon

Long time fan Michael Carter travelled all the way from Cambodia to snag a copy of my latest novel.

Halloween is coming but the Millionaire Murders will be here first. The official release for my latest novel in the Abigail Brown Crime Series is October 1st – you can pre-order online, as a few of my devout fans already have (Thank you!).

This story is set in Detroit, where a new and unusual serial killer preys on Detroit’s elite, challenging Major Crimes Detective Abigail Brown as she never has before.

My first bulk order is being printed as I write this post. I hope to have paperback copies available in Story Tellers in Windsor and River Books in Amherstburg by October 1st.

I’m also working on putting together a local authors Christmas show, showcasing literary talent from across Essex County, giving readers a chance to meet the authors and purchase personally autographed copies of their work. Watch my social media sites for further information. I can tell you now it will be on Sunday, December 11th, so keep the date open.