Marco’s Pizzeria


The secret is out in East Windsor. Drive by the corner of Tecumseh and Tourangeau Roads around dinner time and you’ll see the steady flow of hungry people walking in the front door of Marco’s Pizzeria & Italian Family Eatery or coming out smiling, carrying boxes of pizza. I’d heard about the place from some family members, but only remembered the building from when it was Ten Friends Diner.

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Belles in Cowtown

Cibo Wine BarCibo Wine Bar Yorkville

By Cathryn Gagnon:

A recent visit to see Cityline in Toronto brought the girls and I to Yorkville.  We discovered that a favorite restaurant named Ciao, at  133 Yorkville Avenue, has been renamed Cibo Wine Bar. It did not disappoint.  I was pleased to hear that there now is a Cibo Wine Bar on King Street as well.The place is huge, among the other posh eating establishments in Yorkville.  Cibo is trendy and loud, but the whole atmosphere is vibrant.

Cibo Wine Bar-2

Taste Sensations:

  • CARPACCIO – thinly sliced raw beef, arugula, shavings of parmigiano.
  • FUSILLI – chicken, porcini mushrooms, light cream sauce.
  • ARUGULA – Prosciutto di Parma, shaved parmigiano reggiano, red wine vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil.
  • TONNO SCOTTATO + CAPONATA Seared Ahi tuna*, black olive salsa, green beans.

We chose to eat a lighter fare, but every mouthful was amazing.  I highly recommend Cibo Wine Bar, rating it 9 out of 10.

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Toscana…All the Buzz


By Cathryn Gagnon and her Dining Divas 

This month the Dining Divas experienced Toscana Restaurant and Wine Bar at 3891 Dougall Avenue, in Windsor.  When making the reservation, the restaurant was completely booked, but they were able to accommodate us in the redesigned bar area.  I actually prefer to sit in the bar area at restaurants; the energetic atmosphere is abuzz, making it a fun setting.

Although it’s a fair size, Toscana is always full. The new bar area now seats about 20, and puts diners face to face with the sushi chef. Stylish round booths surround the comfy bar stools. Our favorite way, for my husband Ed and I to enjoy Toscana, is to reserve a bar stool and share a few of our favorite starters, paired with a bottle of wine.

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KOMA – A Hidden Taste Sensation


By: Cathryn Gagnon

This month the Dining Divas discovered KOMA (Kitchen of Michael Anthony) Restaurant – at 3090 Dougall Avenue, in Windsor. It’s nestled behind Taco Bell.

Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised at how beautifully decorated the restaurant is.  Luxurious red, accompanied by black accents with lovely furniture and great little bar.  The place is small – perhaps twelve tables, but it’s the perfect size for Chef Michael Anthony to shine.

The menu presentation isn’t fancy, a printed sheet of paper – but the appetizers and entrees certainly are. Windsor-20160420-00149

Once all Divas arrived, we chatted among ourselves and reviewed the deliciously described menu choices – most of us kept changing our minds on what to order as each tantalizing item was discussed.

After much discussion and input from our server, about the menu items, we finally decided.

Our starters in included:

  • Tempura Vegetables smothered in roasted carrot puree with soy honey dressing
  • Rice Balls laid over pulled pork tenderloin with san marzano tomato and guincale
  • Braised Lamb atop seared bacon corn bread, caramelized onion and blue cheese
  • Panko encrusted Calamari with dill soy honey ginger dressing and red curry cream.

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Dining Divas – “Divino Trattoria”



By: Cathryn Gagnon

“Dining Divas” – A group of women, sometimes up to 10,  that consists of friends and family, who meet once a month to sample local restaurants.

This month the Divas visited a popular restaurant in the Town of Essex named “Divino Trattoria” at 58 Talbot Street.  When we arrived the place was packed; one party of 18 was socializing, almost taking over the restaurant.  

Our group of Divas was situated cozily at the back.  Looking around I found the décor pleasant; the walls are painted with lovely murals of Italy.  

Once the party of 18 received their first course the noise level subsided. The Manager was very attentive – making sure we were comfortable. Our server was fresh from Italy just learning English. He was very sweet, but maybe a bit intimidated by the 9 women in our party.

We started with crispy Italian baguette, served with herbed butter. That was accompanied by roasted a red pepper aioli and olive-balsamic dip.  

Our selections included minestrone soup, caesar salad, flaky tilapia and dover sole –  sautéed in lemon with capers and olives. The veal osso bucco was succulent, rich, tender and wonderful. The veal saltimbocca was equally delicious.  

One Diva had the tortellini; she said it melted in her mouth. Some of us finished up with coffee and Tiramisu. Once the restaurant cleared, the owner graced us with his presence and  offered us Limoncello and Sambuca – on the house. Overall, our experience was delightful and tasty. The Dining Diva’s highly recommend Divino Trattoria and rate it 8 out of 10.