Ed’s Weekly Rant – T.V. Commercials

downloadThere’s something I just have to know. Has anyone ever bought any product or service because they saw it advertised on television? If so, I have to wonder how many millions of dollars are spent on those products that we couldn’t care less about.

But how do we ignore commercials? They are everywhere and competing broadcasters sync them with each other so when you channel surf to avoid commercials on one station you only have to watch them on another. And sometimes it’s the same ones!  This is why some of us love recording shows and others binge on Netflix.

What really pisses me off now is how the station has their logo permanently emblazoned at bottom of your screen. What’s even worse is they know you’re going to hit the bathroom at a commercial break so they’ve taken their sales pitch a step further and now advertise across the bottom of the screen during your favorite show.

And those pop-ups seem to be getting bigger all the time. My guess is next we’ll be watching a split screen like we do on the internet, with our show on the left and a shit load of advertisements on the right. It’s bad enough they now listen and look in on everything we do electronically so they can suggest the right ads for us.

Just mention the word pee around one of your devices and you’ll be bombarded with ads for bladder control pills and diapers. Where will it all end? Why can’t we just google it if we’re looking to buy something.

And on a closing note, I just love how pharmaceutical companies have a list of side effects for their products that outweighs any health benefits. I’m truly afraid of what comes next.