Ed’s Weekly Rant – Shopping Cart Etiquette

oI know it’s not just me, because my wife comes home from shopping and bitches about stupid people and their shopping carts. Let me vent and share my experience at Zehrs yesterday, while picking up a few groceries.

Considering myself a prudent shopping cart driver, I stay to the right in isle-ways, seldom tailgate unless someone suddenly stops in front of me, and I never abandon my buggy in the middle of an isle. The later ticks me off and is what happened yesterday.

Me and another guy were approaching each other in our proper lanes, doing the appropriate speed limit when a woman in front of us dumped her cart right smack in the middle of our isle. Her gaze fixed on the prices of canned brain matter, she was concerned about nothing and no one else.

The other dude and I exchanged looks – rolling our eyes and shaking our heads. He decided to park and wait for the woman to clear the road. I handled the matter a bit differently. My ‘excuse me’ fell on deaf ears so I gently nudged and sideswiped her cart so I could get by. That caught her attention and a dirty look was thrown my way. I pushed my way by and the other guy smiled from ear to ear.

A couple weeks ago at another store a woman with a full shopping cart of groceries cut in front of me in the express lane that was for 10 items or less. She had the audacity to ask the cashier if she could go through that lane. Maybe she couldn’t count or read.

Then there’s those lazy bastards who abandoned their buggies right beside or near their cars because the cart station is another twenty feet away. And I always love seeing project people pushing a $200 or $300 shopping cart down the road and all the way home, only to leave it there and bring another one home on their next trip.

Perhaps the government should get together with grocery stores and offer driving lessons for the proper operation of shopping carts. They’re complicated devices and should at least have driving and parking instructions posted on them.