Social & Anti-Social Distancing

91048701_10157968077190928_7106635999597297664_nThere’s a new virus in town – in everyone’s town, that’s caused us all as human beings, to take a hard look at how we live day to day. It took a dark stranger called COVID-19 to wake us all up and reconsider how we interact with each other on a daily basis. It’s not that we’re all dirty creatures by nature, most of us take our personal hygiene pretty seriously.

But history has taught us there’s one thing that we humans do, that has cost us dearly over the millenia. Socializing. Yes, my friends, catching deadly diseases from people you know is not a new concept. Disease and viruses have plagued the earth for as long as we’ve inhabited the planet, and from what the experts tell us, it’s only going to get worse.

And like in the old westerns where a new gunslinger comes to town, the meek and mild take cover and hide behind closed doors. The law in our town says we have a weapon that’s always been at our disposal, to take on the deadly assassin. It’s not like any six-shooter any lawman has used before, and it’s something that each and everyone of us has in our arsenal.

It’s called Social Distancing, the new buzzword for the new decade. So maybe the younger generation had it right all along, we should have been staying away from each other and interacting electronically. Oh, wait, viruses can spread digitally too. They say we’re the smartest animals on the planet, and I’m sure they will figure this thing out and we’ll persevere.

As with any gunfight, there are winners and losers. Good pistoleros got good by focus and discipline. We have professionals, even in our own government, who do know what they’re talking about, and we need to listen to them. Yes, listen. Quit reading the headlines and repeating or reposting half-truths and fake news. Investigate, research and learn. I’m sick of people telling me what they think I should or shouldn’t do, and when I hear someone say, ‘that’s what they say it drives me over the edge.’

Some folks have noticed how we are coming together as a human race, actually acting with humanity, in the face of this epidemic. And so it should be. Why do we always wait for death to come knocking on our door before we wake up and take action? In the immortal words on Gunny Sergeant Highway in Heartbreak Ridge, ‘Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome.’

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