El Farolito Restaurant – Melaque

El FarolitoI literally stumbled across this place on one of my morning walks and never noticed that it was a full-service restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. El Farolito (The Lantern) is tucked into one corner of the little market stalls in Melaque Centro, one street west and kind of behind Super Hawaii.

It wasn’t until we were sitting in the restaurant having dinner, that we realized that the restaurant used to be in Villa Obregon where Non Solo Pizza is now. The waitress confirmed that they moved two years ago. Friends had recommended El Farolito to us then, but we never got around to visiting.

seafoodThat was our mistake. Not knowing how big the salads or meals were Cathryn and I shared a Caesar salad. The romaine was crisp and dark green and cut into bite sized pieces, covered with just the right amount of homemade dressing and a liberal sprinkling of parmesan cheese. It came with a crostini instead of croutons.

Cathryn ordered the fish fillet (Durado) in a cilantro cream sauce, that came with mixed veggies and rice. The fish was fresh and flaky and she actually moaned when the cream sauce crossed her taste buds.

I ordered the special that’s not on the menu – shrimp, octopus, and fish in a creamy cheese sauce (like alfredo), served piping hot in a hollowed-out pineapple. The shrimps were too big for their name. It was served with the same veggies and rice and a basket of garlic bread – perfect for soaking up the cream sauce. fish

We went boozeless for the meal, only ordering a diet coke and mineral water. My entree was about twice the price of C’s and our bill came to $360 pesos. We were both more than satisfied with our meals and had no problems giving the restaurant a 10 out of 10. It was easily one of the best meals we’ve had in Melaque this year.

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