Toba Wings in Melaque

58724844_1086800061443780_6099295323476197376_oFinally, a restaurant in Melaque with good chicken wings. Not the small pigeon wings or tiny appendages stolen from young birds before they grow feathers, but large-almost jumbo, fat and juicy wings with a few decent sauces to choose from.

Everyone knows I love food, but no everyone knows I’m a chicken wing aficionado, having sample cluckers in restaurants from here to Alaska, and from San Francisco to Capetown, Africa.  Toba Wings might not have the best wings in the world, but they are good enough for this birdman to make a return visit.

61043481_1133867753403677_3490635258510966784_oThey advertise the coldest beer in town but couldn’t live up to that brag, probably because the place was packed and they couldn’t keep enough coolies chilling. If you’re not a wing fan there were quite a few people wearing happy faces eating their burgers. They also have hot dogs and fries.

The wings come in half or full dozens with either buffalo, barbecue, or lemon pepper dressings.  We heard the buffalo were a bit hot. Cathryn had the bbq – kind of a chipotle flavor. I prefer my wings dry and crispy and the lemon pepper fit the bill perfectly. They even had a ranch dip to make my day.

Orders of fries come separately, but baskets of wings come with sliced cucumbers and carrots. The restaurant was clean and tidy and even though the place was busy the servers were Johnny-on-the-spot. And did I say the beer was cold enough and only 20 pesos?

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