Soprano’s – Best Pizza in Melaque

IMG-20191225-174736jpgThis post is for all Canadians and pizza lovers staying in Villa Obregon, Melaque or San Patricio. The pizza restaurant formerly known as Nonsolopizza, on the corner across from the bus station and beside the taxi stand, is now called “Soprano’s Pizzeria.” The owner said he had to change the name for technical reasons.

We’d heard from friends that the pizza there was great and had tried it late one night a couple years ago, but the late hour and alcohol-dulled taste buds may have limited our opinion. That changed last night, when we took a stroll and stopped in for a fresh pie. We were immediately greeted by Carlos, the English-speaking owner and cook.

We decided on the ‘Teddy’s’, basically a meat-lovers pizza loaded with plenty of cheese, turkey ham, pepperoni, bacon and sausage. Cathryn asked to add onions and Carlos assured us a medium would satisfy the two of us. A piping-hot pie was put in front of us before you can say Sopprano’s Pizza ten times.

Hallelujah! We thought we died and went to pizza heaven. Carlos has lived and worked in Ottawa and he’s imported his knowledge and special ingredients that make a truly unique Canadian-style pizza that you won’t find anywhere else this side of the 49th parallel. He was spot-on with a crispy and not too chewy crust, gooey cheese and tasty tomato sauce. And his toppings reached all the way to the edge of the pie.

Being from Windsor, Ontario, we’ve been spoiled by a large Italian population that made our city famous for good pizza. Sampling various pies during our travels has always been hit and miss so we are quite happy to call Soprano’s our favorite pizza restaurant while we are in Melaque. They now have wings and burgers on the menu and Carlos says he may expand the menu further. They also deliver.

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