Ed’s Weekly Rant – Indian Givers

783b762a999e06ac8e604611fb441870I’m sure this topic will spur some interest and have readers thinking I’m native bashing, but sometimes I have to wonder, where will it all stop? You don’t need a history lesson to appreciate all that’s gone on in North America when it comes to native or immigrant occupation of the lands we all call home.

I guess what ticks me off the most is how many gazillions of dollars we give back to our aboriginals in order to ‘buy them off’ and keep them quiet after we’ve raped, pillaged and plundered ‘their’ land. After all, ‘they’ say it was ‘their’ land. Who are ‘they’ and are we to rely on who owned what when various tribes couldn’t decide that and fought each other to claim title.

Did the Spanish, Portuguese, Italians, or French pay anyone back after they crossed the Atlantic Ocean and claimed the new world for themselves? So why are we, their descendants, paying the price now? And when, exactly, will it all be paid for? Just curious. And why is Canada always paying and the U.S. only says, ‘Sorry, our thoughts and prayers are with you.’

In defense of the aboriginal peoples, they claim they want the land back so they can return to their native way of life. What? Who are they kidding? I don’t recall any of the great explorers visiting casinos when they came ashore. Are the rich chiefs willing to trade in their Lincoln Navigators and Cadillac Escalades for a good horse? Are they really willing to leave their comfortable houses and return to living off the land they value so much? I think not.

And what of all the land we’ve already given them back? Anyone seen the wasteland that used to be called Ipperwash? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the previous occupants of my humble city lot weren’t wronged somewhere down the line. But how many more monetary apologies and aboriginal ass-kissings are we obliged to?

One last thing. If the reservations are so bad then why don’t they leave them and pay taxes like the rest of us? I don’t hear our immigrant Syrians complaining about their new digs. Plenty of downtrodden folk have climbed out of a shitty existence and moved on to create a new life. I’m just saying I’m tired of the whining and complaining…my two cents for today.

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