Ed’s Weekly Rant – Computer Woes

photo-1517430816045-df4b7de11d1dWe have the technology. Too bad it’s always way ahead of us in what we can understand or comprehend. Thank God for kids who live on electronic devices and computer nerds like the Geek Squad.

I mentioned in my previous rant about electronics how guys like Bill Gates stay rich by making your gadgets obsolete and disposable. Take our desktop PC for example. It was my fourth or fifth computer, which was bigger and better and faster than all the previous machines put together, but those hidden update fairies jammed it with so much magic dust it was almost as slow as my first dial-up.

After virus checks and disc cleanups and additional RAM, we decided to bite the bullet and buy a brand spanking new machine…a fancy all-in-one unit where all the guts are in the monitor and there is no tower. It was nice and shiny and freaky-fast while I downloaded and uploaded everything from the old machine and external hard drive.

Just when I was almost ready to check out all my favorite web sites my shiny new machine crashed. No problem I thought cuz now I had the Geek Squad at my side…you don’t even have to look up the number…just dial 1-800-Geek Squad. After two unsuccessful calls and then one to the local Geek office I learned that you’re only supposed to dial Geek Squa cuz there’s too many numbers otherwise. How stupid is that?

After an hour on the phone with the out of town Geek he told me I’d have to take my shiny new one-week-old machine back to the geeks at Best Buy. So I did. And I patiently watched as the local geek went though all the things that me and the other guy had already tried. Looks like the network card, the dude said, but no problem…we can just swap it out for a brand newer shiny machine at no charge…this particular all in one unit is sealed and cannot be opened for any sort of repairs!

I stood there and stared at the geek for at least a minute. No problem he said, and no big deal…just swap it for a new one and spend another fucking week unpacking, setting up, installing, uploading and downloading and cursing and swearing and talking to more geeks to get the newer shinier machine up and running. Unbelievable I thought, but a good thing I bought the special warranty and geek coverage.

So today, when I was attempting to load MS Office on my newer shinier machine it prompted me to call Microsoft to finish the installation process. The Pakistani or Indian dude said his name was David Fox and he was gonna help me fix all the problems on my brand spanking new computer that I hadn’t even used yet. The red flags were as thick as our summer mosquitoes as this guy explained all the problems with my state of the art shiny new machine.

To make this long story shorter I must say buyer beware out there. Scammers are everywhere…on your computer and telephone. And some of them, like David Fox, are very convincing. This one was trying to sell me legit virus protection on the premise that my top of the line product was inferior. He had all the answers but I eventually had to call him a liar, starting with his fake name, and then I hung up.

Doing what I should have done in the first place, I called the Geeks. They rock!

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