The Broken Egg – Breakfast is Back

39286333_2117687735224475_789234634738106368_nBreakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day. Okay, maybe diner too if it’s something like Cathryn’s Prime Rib or Lamb Chops. Honestly though, I could eat bacon and eggs every day. According to the Keto Diet that’s not a bad thing.

39948907_2125230647803517_65168170142400512_oAnyway, there’s a new breaky place in town, where the Gilligan’s on Tecumseh Road, in the town of Tecumseh was located. “the broken egg” has recently opened in it’s place, advertising that breakfast is back. From the crowd I saw there this morning, it appears the new restaurant is off to a good start.

It seemed that breakfast diners were a thing of the past, with places like Tim Horton’s taking over, even though their microwaved breakfast sandwiches can’t compare to a home-cooked sit down morning meal. If you look around the city at the new restaurants now serving breakfast I think you’ll agree with the broken egg’s slogan.

Their menu covers everything you could ever want for breaky, with the only exception being waffles – I didn’t see them on the menu. They also have a lunch menu and offer catering. The picture below is the Eggs Benny Skillet.

39934488_2125410561118859_4603152287777423360_nBeing on a low carb diet, I asked for The Reuben skillet minus the carbs. The waitress had no problem with my substitutions and returned from the kitchen saying the chef would whip me something up. He didn’t let me down. Three large eggs were piled on a generous portion of corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauteed peppers and onions. Everything was fresh and it was delicious.

There was a large table of women that brought the noise level up somewhat, but the wait staff and kitchen were still able to serve me courteously and promptly. All their menu prices are rounded off to the dollar, with prices between seven and fifteen bucks. I was satisfied with the value for my money and would happily recommend ‘the broken egg’ to anyone looking for a good breakfast out.

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