Thirteen At The Inn

27858557_206885309891261_1291227912156215943_nWritten by Cathryn Gagnon for the Dining Divas:
While I anticipated my visit to Thirteen At The Inn, I imagined the Chicken Liver Pate and Bean Salad from years ago.  They were my favorite memories of the food at Thirteen Russell Street, a popular Steak House situated in a historic Victorian house in downtown Leamington. It was a family-run restaurant, originally owned by the Harris’, but it closed its doors when the trend in fine dining waned.
Over the years, every time I drove by,  I thought about the beautiful old house and their delicious Caesar salads and juicy steaks.
To my delight, Karen Harris reopened Thirteen Russell by transporting her success and recipes through time, to the Seacliff Inn, another of Leamington’s historic Landmarks. The Inn and restaurant have undergone renovations that include a waterfront patio with a view of Lake Erie.

The Dining Divas were immediately impressed by the modern and crisp white decor.  Elegant, white butter leather chairs complemented the dark hard wood floors.  The oak bar is also cloaked in white and is lined with at least fifteen bar stools.
lobserOf course I ordered the Chicken Liver Pate and Bean Salad. It was exactly as I remembered it.  Our entrees consisted of Filet Minion – buttery, and the best piece of beef I’ve had in a long time, accompanied with roasted potatoes and asparagus.  Prime Rib Beef Stroganoff was the dinner feature that was enjoyed by a few of the ladies.  The Burger was superb.  Lobster tails and two fish features were also available.
We completed our dining experience with a choice of six desserts. We only ordered four, but passed them around the table, moaning and savoring each bite.  Raspberry infused white chocolate cheesecake, creme brulee, ice cream puffs,  one with hot fudge and the other with butterscotch topping.
The patio may be a bit fancier than it was under the Seacliff brand, but they still serve the world famous Sea Dog.  The Dining Divas gave Thirteen At The Inn a 10 out of 10. It is worth the drive to Leamington.  Great job Karen, we are so glad you are carrying on the name and still fabulous dining experience.

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