Pechecane – Perfect Pizza

27657381_145800106100453_7206501307914765908_nPechecane is the nicest surprise that we’ve had in Melaque this season. If you’re looking for wood-fired, clay oven thin crust pizza you’ve gotta try this place. It’s just as good as the thin crust pizza we’ve eaten in Italy.

There’s a selection of ready to order pizza’s like pepperoni or Hawaiian on the menu, but they’ll let you custom order your pie. Our only complaint about the menu is that it is in Spanish. I understand we’re in Mexico, but if your clientele is 95% Gringo then just offer an English menu to save any miscommunication.

There are salads and pastas on the menu, our greens were nothing to brag about, but the pasta at a neighboring table was being happily gobbled down. Beer and wine prices were very reasonable and the size of our pizza would be considered a medium at home. A great deal for around ten bucks.

IMG_7134Our pizza was delivered promptly and we thought it was delicious. Cathryn noticed the guy at the next table had a selection of dipping sauces. We were given four different flavors that lit up our taste buds without burning them.

The owner and designer of this pizzeria knew exactly what they were doing by locating the hot ovens up front near the street where the heat escaped from the patio. The expansive eating area is outdoors, under shade trees in cooler air. There are plenty of comfortable seats and tables to choose from.

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