Los Gueros – The Pizza Prince of Melaque


Meet Manuel of Los Gueros Pizzeria – the Pizza Prince, and in my opinion the future Pizza King of Melaque. Manuel’s new to the pie game, but he was brought up flipping barbecued chicken with his father Enrique. Their restaurant is just west of the bus station near the end of the block – just follow the smoke and smell of chicken on the grill.

IMG_6772We took a chance on Manuel one night when the chicken was sold out. At that time we settled for a few slices that he kept on hand in a warmer out front. Last night I had him make us a special meat lovers, the way we get pizza at home, not like the Domino’s stuff. Sorry there’s no picture here, we were too hungry…you can see our pie on his Facebook page.

Prince Manuel is still experimenting with his dough, trying to create the perfect crust, so if you like it thick or thin just tell him which you prefer. For you fellow Gringos from Canada who appreciate a good tomato sauce, gooey cheese, and plenty of toppings, be sure to check out Los Gueros. We’ll be back there soon!

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