Somellier & Master Taster – Gary Killops

18953059_10155212855547184_4466112519350421392_nMeet Gary Killops, jack of many trades, master of one. Wine. Well, perhaps beer too. I met Gary in another life, back when we were both mere civil servants. In his pursuit of fine wines and robust beers, instead of thieves and burglars, Mister Killops has become a Master Taster and Somellier, accredited by the Niagara College.

ewrheadBeing a fellow wine enthusiast, I’ve followed Gary’s passion and prose for some time. He is the author of an informative website called the Essex Wine Review. For those of you who want to learn about local wineries and wine production in our area you must check it out. He offers tasting notes on vintages from each year for each winery as they are released. Guests to the website can offer there opinions too.

Gary pairs wines from Lake Erie North Shore and the Niagara Region with an array of foods that he and his wife Wanda prepare. They eat and drink very well. In his spare time he writes periodicals for the wine industry and bounces around the continent trying to see a pro football game in every NFL stadium.

Being a well-rounded guy, Gary doesn’t stop at wine tasting. He’s a beer lover too. If you follow him on Facebook or other social media you can get his opinions on different brews and the breweries that produce them. If you want advice on sipping or slugging, Gary’s your guy.


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