Sanson Is More Than Wine


Anyone know of a winery within fifteen minutes of Windsor where you can pick up a couple of steaks, grilling veggies, and a bottle of wine to pair with dinner?


It’s no secret that Sanson Estate Winery produces excellent wines, but they offer so much more…various cuts of grass-fed beef, burgers, sausages, turkey kielbasa, farm-fresh and organic vegetables, and jars of jellies and preserves. They have field to fork goodies ready to grill and eat, and enjoy with award-winning wines.

Cathryn and I make it a point to stop by whenever we’re in the area. On our last visit we scored two nicely marbled rib-eyes that were on sale. We grabbed fresh zucchini and eggplant to grill, some heirloom tomatoes for a side, and a bottle of Baco Noir to pair with our meal.

12187741_544077679101567_8454957695643085054_nDone with a peppercorn sauce, I cut my steak with a fork. We sipped the Baco while cooking, then finished it off with the steak. They made a perfect pair. The second half of Cathryn’s steak, with onions and cheese, made a perfect breakfast omelet for me in the morning.

Cheers to Sanson!

One thought on “Sanson Is More Than Wine

  1. Michael

    Who knows, I might make it to Sanson in September. Baco Noir is indigenous to the area and I can’t get it where I live…I miss those purple gums and lips.


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