The Grove Brew House

18221824_448953188785097_1230751276462164033_nWe have a new stop to add to our annual Kingsville Krawl – the Grove Brew House. It’s right on the main drag and attached to its own Inn, formerly the King’s Inn. Cathryn and I checked it out, sampling their craft beers and two appetizers during a late afternoon visit.

The Inn has been refurbished and a brand new brewery has been built beside it where the outdoor patio once was. Although the two buildings are attached, I don’t think they blend well architecturally. That doesn’t seem to matter to the people who have been filling the place on a regular basis.

2017-08-16 09_56_41-The Grove Brewhouse – Located in beautiful Kingsville, Ontario.The food and beverage company offers both right in the brewery, where the beer is brewed and the kegs are tapped. Seating is staggered around different levels in the open concept structure, as well as in the basement of the Inn, accessible from the brewery and bar room.

I sampled their brown and German style beers, while Cathryn tried the IPA. All three were unique and tasty. We only sampled two appetizers – the duck pate, which neither of us were happy with. I had a personal pizza with figs and goat cheese that offered a great flavor combination with the perfect crust.

We spoke with the manager who explained they’re still trying different things in the kitchen, and he didn’t charge us for the pate. The Grove serves lunch and dinner, along with the six different beers they brew. There are also two Pelee Island wines on tap, as well as Wagner’s Cider. If someone wants something a little harder they also have liquor.


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