Breakfast at the River’s Edge

20604442_1090375811097188_6944501198843880535_nBreakfast out is back in style. Just take a look around the city at all the restaurants now serving the morning meal. Remember the days of giant breakfast buffets or brunches that cost you thirty bucks each to stuff yourself with bacon, eggs, prime rib and every dessert you could imagine?

River’s Edge Tap & Table has been serving breakfast for some time now, but they’ve recently taken it to another level to accommodate their hungry customers. When you think about it, breakfast is the cook’s worst nightmare…eggs over easy, hard, scrambled, poached, sunny side up…bacon crisp, white or rye or brown toast done light or burnt. And everyone at your table wants theirs done a different way.

15179071_903954176406020_6038217090317645889_nEnter the new breakfast buffet at River’s Edge. For $10.95 you get a choice of French toast, pancakes, eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs, home fries, their version of an egg McMuffin, bacon, farmer’s sausage, and cottage cheese. That’s the buffet table. Your toast come made to order from the kitchen, and you can order anything else you’d like from the menu.

I tried everything in the chaffing dishes except the pancakes and French toast. My buddy said the latter was delicious. I didn’t think the egg McMuffin was as good as that fast food place, but my eggs benny were fresh and tasty. The bacon wasn’t too fatty or greasy and the farmer’s sausage was the size of a bratwurst.

15181675_903954199739351_63171275533588704_nSunday mornings are busy, but we had our choice of tables around ten on a Saturday morning. The chef greeted us inside the door and suggested we take a look at his fare before ordering. The wait staff was johnny-on-the-spot.

My buddy is from the GTA and was impressed that both of us filled our bellies for under thirty bucks. I know I’ll be back there for breakfast.


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