Marco’s Pizzeria


The secret is out in East Windsor. Drive by the corner of Tecumseh and Tourangeau Roads around dinner time and you’ll see the steady flow of hungry people walking in the front door of Marco’s Pizzeria & Italian Family Eatery or coming out smiling, carrying boxes of pizza. I’d heard about the place from some family members, but only remembered the building from when it was Ten Friends Diner.

MarcosIf you’re looking for a home cooked, Italian style meal for under fifteen bucks, Marco’s is the place to go. Cathryn and I were part of a group of thirty, and even though the restaurant is small, they easily accommodated us. Several in our group had eaten there previously and said their pizza is second to none.

Our group was served a family style meal, to make things easier on the kitchen, and ensure that we were all served fresh and hot food promptly. Our group no sooner got seated, when the warm garlic bread was served in abundance. Penne, cooked perfectly with a hearty meat sauce, was served first. There was more than enough to go around, even with seconds.

Our salad came next, it was fresh and crisp and we liked the home made dressing so much that we bought a bottle. Seconds were always available upon asking. Our entree consisted of green beans, roasted potatoes, and chicken Parmesan. The beans were fresh, the potatoes dusted with paprika and crisped on the outside, and the chicken was plump and flavorful.

pizzaAlthough our meal was set, Cathryn and I perused the menu to check out the other fare. Pizza and pasta abound, but there is also veal and salmon to choose from. Appetizers are cheap, the calamari for eight bucks, and I heard the portion is large and delicious. You’ll have no problem getting great food and bang for your buck at Marco’s.

Cathryn and I give Marco’s a 10 out of 10.

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