The Rainy Day Killer – Micheal J. McCann

18669147The Rainy Day Killer (Donaghue and Stainer Crime Novel #4)
by Michael J. McCann (Goodreads Author)


Edmond Gagnon‘s review

Jan 11, 2017  ·  edit
3.5 Stars
I was loaned this book by someone who had received an autographed copy from the author, Michael J. McCann. The cover and content look professional, but I had never heard of McCann. No big deal there – most readers have not heard of me either.
The book is about homicide detectives and a serial killer so I had to give it a spin. Having been a police detective in my past life, I liked and associated with the characters from the start. A couple of them seemed over the top or too typical, but I have met those types in real life.
The story unfolds at a good pace and easily held my interest. The author went to great lengths to highlight the killers idiosyncrasies, so I was disappointed when he didn’t divulge their origin. Having said that, personally, I don’t believe readers should find all the answers. That is how it is in real life.
I originally rated this book four stars, and only knocked it down a notch because I think it could have been done that much better.


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