Disaster on the Horizon


The largest man-made disaster on the planet, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. It’s another movie where we all know the ending, but audiences will still do a lot of head shaking and thinking, omg – I can’t believe they did that.

I can’t remember the last movie the invoked such emotion from both Cathryn and I as we watched the events unfold. The cinematography and special effects keep you plastered to the back of your seat. The fiery explosions were so realistic, you could almost feel the heat, and even though we didn’t see the movie in 3D, the flying debris made you want to duck.

Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell make a dynamic duo. John Malkovich was a pleasant surprise, who added just the right touch of dramatic flare.

The movie got a bit graphic when the rig workers got blown up and burnt, but it was so well depicted, we felt their pain. BP was fined billions of dollars for their arrogant blunder, but somehow it doesn’t seem like they paid enough.

There was nothing wrong with this movie, we both gave it a 10 out of 10.

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