Star Trek Beyond


After three years of going where no one has gone before, Kirk questions his purpose in life and considers a job change. Spock also considers a change of scenery, but both men, and the crew of the Enterprise are once again called upon to save the world in Star Trek Beyond.

There are barely any breaks in the action in this installment, but there are still those quiet moments where a look or one-liner catches some laughs. This re-make of the original series can go on forever with the crew of young actors and writers who have stayed true to the original theme, but take you beyond.

It is truly sad that Anton Yechin won’t be returning for the next episode, since he, and the others in the crew have taken on larger roles. The movie deals with the death of Leonard Nimoy, in it’s own quiet way.

Watch for a subtle clue in regards to Sulu’s sexual preference and more about the relationship between Spock and Uhura. The new movies go beyond the stereotypes in the original television series.

We got to watch this movie in Barco Escape format…something like Imax, with an extra screen and added footage on each side of the main attraction. It was pretty cool.

Any Star Trek fan will be pleased with Star Trek Beyond. Cathryn and I both thoroughly enjoyed it and give it a 9 out of 10.


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