Jason Bourne (Again)

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Jason Bourne. Who doesn’t know his name? I thought perhaps, Matt Damon was afraid of being stereotyped and he had moved on from the series after the last installment, Bourne Legacy, where Jeremy Renner took the reins.

I’m sure money, and age, had something to do with Damon continuing his role where Bourne is showing signs of wrinkles and hair loss. How could he not when he is always on the run and killing other hit-men with his bare hands.

imagesBourne has beefed up for this round, probably to stay in shape for the extra-curricular activities he’s engaged in to make a living. He’s kind of like Rambo, using his fighting skills to pay the rent.

Age doesn’t matter in this action-packed thriller, where non-stop fights and vehicle chases keep up the fast pace. For anyone who hasn’t seen a Bourne movie, the flash-backs will not be enough for you to figure out what is going on. Watch the previous flicks.

If you like Matt Damon or action movies or the Jason Bourne series so far, this movie will not disappoint you. Cathryn and I rate it 9 out of 10. One of the chases got a bit incredulous, so I knocked a point off my score.

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