The Kingsville Krawl

IMG_1151The town of Kingsville is about a forty minute drive from our house in Windsor. It boasts a handful of unique pubs and restaurants as well as several wineries that are just outside of town. Cathryn and I have visited and/or stayed in Kingsville on many occasions.

It can be a bit quiet in the winter, but that’s when places like Lakeside Park come to life with their beautiful Christmas light display.

On this occasion, Cathryn scored a Groupon for $90 that gave us accommodations in a beautiful century-old home, above Jack’s Gastro Pub. The deal included $35 in food or beverages of our choice.

Jack’s is a hot-spot in Kingsville, with it’s open veranda and shaded patio dining areas. The menu is ever changing, but always has delicious choices. We like to hop around town to try different places, eating and drinking as we go. IMG_1155

After dropping off our bags we walked down the stairs to the little bar, right below our room. Too handy. We got into the craft beers, starting with an Okanagan black lager that tasted like more. I had another.

We wanted to try something different to eat so we ordered the bacon cheeseburger spring rolls. Then went perfectly with the dark beer.  I had to share the appetizer and I wasn’t quite full so I decided to try a Belgian craft next. It was like having dessert before my meal.IMG_1156

We were to meet our friends Kathy and Kevin for dinner, but we had time to make a quick stop at the Bridge House first. It’s one of Kingsville’s newest watering holes and yes, the name has a little bit to do with the old Sid’s Bridge House in Windsor. The owner told me he hung out and worked there in University. The bar is situated in another of the downtown core’s century old buildings – the old brick walls inside are a reminder of those days past.

Finally, we hooked up with our friends at Elite Steak & Seafood  and got into some serious eating and drinking. Kathy and Kevin had ordered the bacon wrapped scallops and grilled calamari. It looked so good that Cathryn and I matched it before ordering our entree. Our friends had also gotten into an Argentinian Cabernet Sauvignon by Alamos so we ordered another bottle of that too. It just happened to be a perfect partner with C’s filet and my rib-eye.

There’s no use bragging up the food at Elite, it is always great – unless you’re my wife. She found her filet too salty so they happily cooked her up another. Since I was off my low carb wagon for the night I added a piece of chocolate cheesecake and refused to share it with anyone.

To wine down after dinner we stopped for a glass across the street at Merlis’ Coffeehouse . Then, after being wined out, we walked around the corner to Splats Sidestreet Pub for a cocktail. Having been there and able to say we were, our last stop was at Vernon’s Tap & Grill . After all that walking around town we were hungry again. An order of their crispy chicken wings sealed the deal.

Full of great food, beer, wine and liquor, we called it a night and wobbled back to our room. Oh yeah, I forgot that we tried to stop at The Main, but they were closing at the time. All in all, it was a great Kingsville Krawl!



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