“The BoneYard Bar-B-Q”


Look at the picture – Need I say more?

Cathryn wanted me to go shopping in Detroit with her so I insisted on a trip to the BoneYard for my reward. It didn’t matter that we were shopping for me, I requested a spare rib feast regardless. There are two locations in the Detroit area; we went to the Telegraph location because it was closer at the time.

IMG_1145We arrived early so there was no wait to be served and our waitress was very attentive. The decor is nothing to brag about and most of the tables are booths. Once you lay your eyes on the food in other peoples’ plates the only place you need to look is at the menu. They have soups and salads, chicken and seafood, but that’s not why we were there. We chose the full slab (14-15 bones) dinner for two, with a coleslaw side for me and a salad for Cathryn. The dinner also comes with a two chunks of garlic bread and crispy golden waffle fries that we had to say no to.

I was given two heaping dishes of slaw instead of the starch and Cathryn’s salad was almost dinner size. The Princess said is was crisp and fresh with a lovely assortment of veggies. The ranch dressing is always better in the U.S. for some reason. They also give you a whole green onion as a garnish – it just happens to go perfectly with the ribs.  IMG_1143

They don’t put too much sauce on their ribs, which is fine by us, but they put a bottle on the table for you. The ribs were meaty and juicy and just a bit crispy. Even without the fries, we were both quite satisfied with the amount of food we shared.

If you’re looking for a simple place for tasty ribs The BoneYard is the place to go.

Even better than the ribs was the amount of our bill when it came. For the full slab and sides and soft drinks our total was $28.00.

We give them a 9 out of 10, nobody’s perfect.

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