Slices and Squares -No Ordinary Pub Grub


Everyone in Windsor knows that we have the best pizza in the country. Anyone who’s ever been to the Hook & Ladder Club knows that their kitchen, “Slices and Squares” has some of the best pizza in town. And that’s not all.

Cathryn joined me at the club last night and ordered a Greek salad, with chicken. The lettuce was washed and crisp. It had the perfect combination of chicken breast, feta cheese, black olives, onions, cucumbers and beets. The salad was topped with a creamy Greek dressing.

“This is the best Greek Salad I’ve ever had in a restaurant,” was her exclamation when she finished the last morsel. The statement isn’t to be taken lightly. Anyone who knows Cathryn understands that she is very particular when it comes to restaurant food.

I’ve eaten the chicken wings, b2016-04-07 16_09_00-(1) Slices and squaresurgers and all different styles of pizza; the owner, Mike, is not afraid to put just about anything you want on your pizza. He’s actually competed in the Las Vegas pizza competition.

Try the bacon/mushroom melt – he uses a creamy garlic sauce instead of tomato sauce. It’s awesome.

They also deliver to certain areas of the city.

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