Batman vs. Superman


My first question was: How on earth does Batman think he can fight Superman. Well, we have to remember that the Man of Steel has enemies and weaknesses from beyond our little blue planet. The movie will fill you in on those details with the help of Villain Lex Luthor, who instigates the superhero showdown.

For viewers who haven’t seen any previous Batman movies, this one starts by revealing the source of the dark crusader’s rage by showing the death of his parents. Odd to me was that Superman didn’t get the same attention to backstory. I think Dawn of Justice might be hard to understand if you haven’t seen the previous Superman movie.

I’m not sure why there was such a hoopla about filming the movie in Detroit – it was barely recognizable in the movie with all the CGI effects. I think most movies like this are done mostly by computers these days, but the overall effects are pretty cool.

One thing that caught my attention was how Alfred took on extra duties in this film as Batman’s tech support guy; usually it’s Lucius from Wayne Enterprises. Jeremy Irons did a good job, regardless.

The story was good and the acting superb. Affleck was a pleasant surprise taking on the Bruce Wayne/Batman personas. The movie was a bit long by today’s standards and a bit over the top with the big bad monster scene, but apparently you need bigger and badder monsters to take on three Super Heroes.

Yes, Wonder Woman appears from the shadows to join the boys club and the plot opens the door for more special characters to appear in later sequels. Hers was almost a cameo appearance to set her up for her own movie, already in the making.

A final tip for those were disappointed with the ending: watch very closely in the last two seconds of the movie…look at the dirt.

Cathryn and I both give this one 9 out of 10.

One thought on “Batman vs. Superman

  1. Guess I’m getting old. I have not seen the last couple ( maybe few) of the Batman or Superman movies. Have to go by my kids and grandkids “who” concur with your critique. The movie clips and publizised critics appeared to have shot the movie down with low star ratings. My kids say NOT SO, that it was excellent and had received bad reviews … A must see movie BUT, the flick lacked action compared to past movies. The best was saved for the last, or the last third. They love your review by the way. Well covered


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