London Has Fallen



We chose this movie to avoid the Batman/Superman crowds. It is the sequel to “Olympus Has Fallen” where Secret Service Agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) wastes about a hundred bad guys to rescue the President’s son and then the big Kahuna himself.

In “London Has Fallen” Banning returns as the President’s (Aaron Ekhart) personal body guard who travels with him to London, England.

The plot revolves around the U.S. dropping a smart bomb on a known Terrorist’s family villa during his daughter’s wedding. We find out later that even though the bomb wiped out a whole block, the bad guy and his two sons survived. His daughter was killed, thus sparking his revenge on the world.

None of the hundreds of men in the security teams for the Japanese, French, German, Canadian or Italian world leaders can stop the madman. Banning becomes a one-man army, who can’t trust anyone. He fights to save his president, taking down scores of bad guys who throw thousands of bullets his way.

Angela Bassett and Morgan Freeman add some color and stability to the movie, until one of them is wasted and the other is left to answer the phones.

There’s some pretty good CGI effects in the movie when things are blowing up.

I won’t spoil the ending (as if you don’t already know) but they set us up for the threequel.

If you’re feeling like some mindless entertainment where you want to count bodies instead of sheep, this movie is for you. I think it’s too violent for kids, but I’m not a parent.

We both rated this movie a 6 out of 10 – she liked Butler in his role, with some of his one-liners. I got what I expected going in and I’m a sucker for action movies.

2 thoughts on “London Has Fallen

  1. Hey thanks for that review! When I started my blog it was either going to be reviewing movies or food. I chose food! haha.
    This isn’t the first mediocre review I’ve read for this movie. I guess I will get around to watching it one day 🙂


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